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Insight allows you to view the details of a hex or individual hotspot.

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Hotspot(s) in Hex A list of hotspot(s) located in this hex.

Hotspots in Hex 88283082a1fffff (21)

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Simulation Output

HotspotRF Score

We estimate this hotspot will earn 74% below average.

Simulation Summary

13.12 - 19.68
Weekly $HNT Est.
Transmit Scale
~ Witnesses

Simulation Details

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~ Witnesses About the number of witnesses reached.

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Improve The Score

What is a "HotspotRF Score"?

The HotspotRF score provides an estimate of how well a hotspot may perform in a given location. It takes all of the complexity of the Helium algorithms and RF signal propagation, and turns it into a simple, easy to understand number you can use to quickly assess the value of deploying a hotspot in a particular location.

The score is expressed as a percentage of an average performing hotspot on the Helium network. A score of 0% means the estimated hotspot performance for that location is average. A score above 0% (e.g., 50%) indicates how much better a hotspot in that location is estimated to perform versus the average hotspot. A score below 0% (e.g., -25%) indicates how much worse a hotspot in that location is estimated to perform versus the average hotspot. The higher the score, the better the earning potential of a location.

Improving Your HotspotRF Score

The simulation uses the details you provide for terrain type, antenna height, antenna gain, cable loss, etc. The more accurate these details, the more accurate the simulation will be. The three most important inputs are:

  • Antenna placement - the single best way to improve coverage is to place the antenna outside on a balcony, roof, or other outside location. Placing the antenna inside will reduce the hotspot’s ability to communicate with other hotspots, as walls, windows and other obstructions significantly reduce the RF signal. It's best to place the antenna outside.
  • Antenna height - higher is better. The frequencies used for the Helium network work best with direct line of sight. Objects such as buildings and trees can block the RF signal and significantly reduce coverage and earning potential. Placing the antenna above these obstructions is ideal - the higher the better.
  • Antenna gain - in most applications the standard omni-directional antenna that comes with the hotspot performs well. Some deployments may benefit by using a higher gain antenna such as a 5.8 dBi or 8 dBi antenna. While it may seem like a higher gain antenna will always yield better results, this is not always the case as the more concentrated antenna pattern of higher gain antennas may actually reduce coverage for the intended area.
Simulation Output

Simulation Summary Help

Coming Soon

Will be filled in later.

What is Weekly Est. $HNT?

This simulation is estimated to receive between 13.12 - 19.68 Helium or $HNT a week.

What is Safe/Dead?

For this simulation, there are a total of 100 hotspots that are capiable of being reached. 5 of them are actually able to be reached and witnessed with, while 9 of them are not able to be witnessed.

What is a transmit scale?

An estimated reward scale.

What are ~ Witnesses?

The witnesses capiable of reaching.


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